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What is your service area?

An approximately 30-40 mile radius from each of our locations in Michigan (Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo). We serve all of Michigan’s lower peninsula along with northern Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. We can also come to northern Michigan, southern Michigan and eastern Michigan upon request (and based on branch availability).

How are your crews trained?

We train and certify all of our installers in-house so that they are prepared to safely perform the installation on your jobsite. We hold weekly training sessions on safety for all of our employees.

Do you offer before and after-hours or weekend installation?

Not at this time. However we can sometimes accommodate tight delivery requirements.

Do you install on residential sites?

Yes! We install foam, cellulose and fiberglass batt in residential buildings. We work on new construction, retrofits and restoration.

Can you help me with my product warranty?

We can perform restoration work.

Are you OSHA compliant?

Yes. We believe nothing is so important that it can’t be done safely. We are committed to full compliance with OSHA and DOT laws and regulations, and we conduct regular jobsite visits to check for crew compliance.