A special service in Jenison for the commercial market.

Leading Edge uses a Class-A rated, biodegradable material made from environmentally safe nitrogen-based organic polymers. Injection foam insulation is most often utilized in commercial settings (although sometimes it is used in garages or basements) to fill block cores/concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls without the excessive pressure build-up that can damage the structure.

Some of the features and benefits of injection foam include:

  • Cost effectiveness – it is less expensive to install than rigid foam insulation board
  • High speed installation – it uses an innovative installation technology to reach difficult spaces while also allowing faster completion of buildings
  • Exceptional quality – the product is mixed on-site using a spray-dried polymeric resin with a foaming catalyst to ensure a high quality product
  • Safe and “Green” – the foam is non-toxic, biodegradable, and contains no petrochemicals, CFCs or harmful solvents; there is also no off-gassing of cured foam
  • High R-values – per inch, the R-value is 4.92/inch @ 25°F mean temperature
  • A smart choice – injection foam provides excellent thermal and acoustical properties, seals against air infiltration, and improves STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings

Sample R-Values

For an 8″ CMU Wall:
9.0-10.0 Injected into 100lbs/ft³ block

For a 12″ CMU Wall:
12.0-13.0 Injected into 100lbs/ft³ block

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