Improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home

Leading Edge air seals and retro-fits insulation in homes to increase the R-value and lower utility costs. Many homes have insulation that is rotting, molding or underperforming due to factors such as invasive pests (raccoons, squirrels, bats, or mice), continued exposure to harsh weather conditions, and inferior workmanship during initial installation.

Why Retro-Fit

Damaged insulation can lead to high utility bills and poor air quality, not to mention unsightly stains or odors in the house. We can clean out your old insulation and replace it with:

  • Environmentally-friendly cellulose
  • Spray foam
  • Traditional fiberglass batt

Quality insulation and air sealing directly impacts the energy efficiency and comfort you experience. Our trained experts utilize the latest installation technology to fulfill all of your home’s insulation needs. Some of our other services include:

  • Filling wall cavities
  • Re-insulating attics
  • Air-sealing rim joists
  • Extracting old insulation

Leading Edge offers a variety of superior insulation solutions to improve the comfort and performance of your home, using high caliber materials from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

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